Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

Educators in disciplines across the Sciences use MATLAB. Their main objective is to teach scientific concepts while instilling quantitative thinking in their students. To achieve that goal, educators must teach (and students must learn) computational skills and how to use them to express, analyze, and model scientific phenomena.

From code examples and how-to videos, to teaching activities, to assessment and auto-grading tools, there are multiple resources and tools to support learning in and out of the classroom. These resources lessen the educators’ workloads.

Whether you’re an individual educator, a member of a department-wide team, or a curriculum developer, these teaching resources can help you effectively teach the triad of science, analytical thinking, and computational skills.

Teach and Learn MATLAB

Teaching Chemistry with MATLAB

Teaching Data Science with MATLAB

Teaching Deep Learning with MATLAB

Teaching Econometrics with MATLAB

Teaching First-Year Engineering with MATLAB and Simulink

Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB

Teaching Mechanical Engineering with MATLAB and Simulink

Teaching Psychology and Neuroscience with MATLAB

Teaching Quantitative Finance and Risk Management with MATLAB

Teaching Robotics with MATLAB and Simulink

Teaching Signal Processing and Communications with MATLAB and Simulink

Get students up-to-speed via MATLAB Onramp, a free, interactive on-line tutorial.


Faculty and MATLAB experts came together at multiple annual workshops to share and create best practices for teaching science with MATLAB. View the aggregated learnings:

Teaching Science

Teaching Computational Science Using MATLAB

View resources and outcomes from the workshops, hosted by SERC, focused on Teaching Computation in the Sciences

Teaching Geoscience

Teaching Data, Simulations, and Models Using MATLAB

View resources and outcomes from the Teaching Geoscience with MATLAB workshop hosted by SERC

Case Studies: Teaching with MATLAB

MATLAB in the Sciences and Downloadable MATLAB code