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Data Privacy Request

Data Privacy Request

By submitting this request, you confirm that you are the person whose name and email address appears below and that the information you have provided is true and correct.  

After receiving your request, we may contact you to request additional supporting information and/or proof of your identity. This helps us to safeguard your privacy and personal data. Once we have all the information necessary to process your request, we will respond within thirty days and will aim to provide all required information to you within the same period. If we require more information from you, or if your request is unusually complicated, we may require more time and will inform you accordingly.

There is no fee to submit this request, but MathWorks reserves the right to charge a reasonable fee for requests that are unfounded, excessive, or repetitive.


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Note: If you are looking to update or correct data related to your MathWorks Account, you can update your data yourself through your MathWorks Account Profile.

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About your Personal Information
The information you provide here will be processed solely for the purpose of verifying your identity and residency, identifying the information you're requesting, and answering your request. Your personal information will be accessed by our designated privacy staff. Your proof of ID and residency may be deleted once your request has been answered. 
How we will process your request
We will answer your request, or request additional information from you within 30 days. We may extend this process for up to two months, in which case we will notify you of the extension within a month.

The processing of this request is free of charge, but we reserve the right, as allowed under GDPR Article 12 (5), to charge an administrative fee under certain circumstances.

Please note that we may refuse to act, as allowed under GDPR Article 12 (2) and 12 (5), on requests that are insufficiently substantiated, unfounded or excessive.
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