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November 2021

Deeper Dive into Deep Learning

Looking to go beyond the basics? Check out these two easy-to-follow videos on advanced deep learning topics.


Post-Correcting ADC Errors with Neural Networks

When implemented on an ASIC, a neural network designed by NXP Eindhoven requires just 15% of the area of the ADC while consuming roughly 16 times less power under normal operating conditions.

Top 7 Use Cases for Electric Vehicle Simulation 

Learn how a flexible, configurable simulation model lets you explore design tradeoffs rapidly, without risk, and at every stage of development.  

How to Build an App with MATLAB (3:25)

Learn how to build your custom apps with MATLAB in just a few minutes.


Finite element cloud-based simulation toolbox for MATLAB

How Much Do You Know About Model-Based Design?

Take the quiz, just 10 questions, to find out.