Data Acquisition Toolbox


Data Acquisition Toolbox

Connect to data acquisition cards, devices, and modules

Voltage and Current

Get Started with Data Acquisition Toolbox to configure, read, write, queue, and log data from data acquisition (DAQ) hardware. Use analog input and output subsystems of DAQ devices to acquire (foreground or background) and generate both voltage and current signals.

Sensors and TDMS Files

Collect and process data directly from thermocouples, RTD devices, IEPE accelerometers and microphones, current-based sensors, and bridge-based sensors. Import data from NI™ TDMS format files and analyze the data in MATLAB.

Data Acquisition for AI and Predictive Maintenance Applications

Use Data Acquisition Toolbox to access real-world data, verify, validate, and expedite design and development phases for machine learning applications.

Data Acquisition Hardware Vendors

Data Acquisition Toolbox enables hardware discover and setup of devices from National Instruments and other vendors. Access subsystems common to different devices, as well as device-specific features.

Simultaneous and Synchronized Operations

Acquire data and generate signals simultaneously and synchronously. Synchronize operations with shared start triggers and shared scan clocks. Simultaneously start all devices in a session and synchronize operations on all connected devices.

Digital Signals

Read and generate digital input and output signals. Use counters to count events or to measure frequency, pulse width, or position. Generate pulse trains with counter outputs.

Analog Input Recorder App

Apps enable interactivity without writing code and automate generation of equivalent MATLAB code. Configure device channels, preview signals, and record analog input data in the foreground or background.

Analog Output Generator App

Configure device channels, define and preview signals, and generate analog output signals in the foreground or background.

Audio Input and Output

Design audio test systems, acquire multichannel audio data, and analyze and generate signals using built-in or external sound cards.

"Data from an eight-hour test run previously took us a week to analyze. Using MATLAB with Data Acquisition Toolbox and Instrument Control Toolbox, this time was reduced to 10 minutes."

Reed Farrar, Newport Corporation

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