Simscape Driveline


Simscape Driveline

Model and simulate rotational and translational mechanical systems

Vehicle Powertrain

Model hybrid, pure electric, and conventional powertrains for passenger, off-road, and custom vehicles. Evaluate vehicle-level performance with losses and thermal effects.

Vehicle Transmissions

Use templates or assemble custom designs to assess system performance and develop control systems. Switch between detailed and abstract variants to accelerate testing.

Industrial Machinery

Create models tailored to your design to determine loads and design control systems. Perform dynamic and static tests to map system-level requirements to components.

Fault Tolerance

Minimize losses, equipment downtime, and costs by testing designs with degraded component behavior, such as worn gear teeth or increased friction.

Virtual Testing

Verify system behavior under conditions that cannot be easily tested with hardware prototypes. Run sets of tests in parallel on a multicore workstation or a cluster.

Model Deployment

Convert your Simscape model to C code to test control algorithms using HIL tests on dSPACE®, Speedgoat, OPAL-RT, and other real-time systems.

Simscape Platform

Test integration of electrical, thermal, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems in a single environment. Identify integration issues and optimize system-level performance.

MATLAB and Simulink

Use MATLAB to automate tasks such as model assembly, testing, and post-processing. Use Simulink to integrate control algorithms and hardware design in a single environment.

From Research To Production

Use Simscape models to help refine requirements, design control systems, test embedded controllers, and support in-service operation as a digital twin.

Simscape Product Family

The Simscape product family provides models and solver technology for simulating physical systems. Model electrical, mechanical, fluid, and other physical systems by assembling components into a schematic.


Model and simulate multidomain physical systems

Simscape Electrical

Model and simulate electronic, mechatronic, and electrical power systems

Simscape Battery

Design and simulate battery and energy storage systems

Simscape Fluids

Model and simulate fluid systems

Simscape Driveline

Model and simulate rotational and translational mechanical systems

Simscape Multibody

Model and simulate multibody mechanical systems

“With Simulink and Simscape Driveline we reduced the time required to build a mechanical model of a transmission by six weeks, and we're positioned to build the next one even faster. As a result, we are better able to support several different customers because we can get into their world much quicker.”

Andrew Herman, Delphi Powertrain Systems

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