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Uplink Transport Channels

5G NR uplink shared channel (UL-SCH) coding

Use transport channels to encode and transmit transport blocks with specific characteristics. In 5G NR, the uplink shared channel (UL-SCH) is the only uplink transport channel carrying transport blocks. The encoded UL-SCH data is mapped to a physical uplink shared channel (PUSCH). For an overview of the available PUSCH functionalities, see Uplink Physical Channels.


nrULSCHApply UL-SCH encoder processing chain (Since R2019a)
nrULSCHDecoderApply UL-SCH decoder processing chain (Since R2019a)
nrULSCHInfoGet uplink shared channel (UL-SCH) information (Since R2019a)
nrULSCHMultiplexPerform UL-SCH data and control multiplexing (Since R2020b)
nrULSCHDemultiplexPerform UL-SCH data and control demultiplexing (Since R2020b)