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Add additional data to existing Smith chart


add(plot,data) adds data to an existing Smith chart.

add(plot,frequency,data) adds data to an existing Smith chart based on multiple data sets containing frequencies corresponding to columns of data matrix.


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Plot the reflection coefficients of a dipole antenna.

Create a strip dipole antenna on the Y-Z plane. Calculate the complex s-parameters of the dipole antenna from 60 MHz to 90 MHz, with an interval of 150 kHz.

Plot S11 on a Smith plot for a reference impedance of 50 ohm.

d = dipole; 
freq = linspace(60e6, 90e6, 200);
s_50 = sparameters(d, freq,50);
hg = smithplot(s_50,[1,1]);
hg.LegendLabels = {"S11 at 50#ohm"};

Find S11 for a new impedance of 75 ohm. Add new S11 to the existing Smith plot.

s_75 = sparameters(d, freq, 75);
gamma = rfparam(s_75,1,1);
add(hg, gamma);
hg.LegendLabels = {"S11 at 50#ohm","S11 at 75#ohm"};

Input Arguments

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Smith chart handle, specified as a function handle. If the handle of the Smith chart is not retained during creation, it is obtained by using the command p = smithplot('gco').

Data Types: double

Input data, specified as a complex vector or complex matrix.

For a matrix D, the columns of D are independent data sets. For N-by-D arrays, dimensions 2 and greater are independent data sets.

Data Types: double
Complex Number Support: Yes

Frequency data, specified as a real vector.

Data Types: double

Version History

Introduced in R2017b

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