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Calculate equivalent radius approximation for strip

Since R2020a



r = strip2cylinder(w) calculates the equivalent radius for a cylindrical approximation to a strip cross section.


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Calculate the equivalent radius of a cylinder based on a strip of width 80 mm.

r1 = strip2cylinder(80e-3)
r1 = 0.0200

Calculate the equivalent cylindrical cross-sections radii using the strips of widths 80 mm, 88 mm, and 96 mm.

r2 = strip2cylinder([80e-3 88e-3 96e-3])
r2 = 1×3

    0.0200    0.0220    0.0240

Input Arguments

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Width of strip, specified as a scalar or a vector in meters.

Example: 0.02

Output Arguments

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Equivalent cylindrical cross-section radius, returned as a scalar or a vector in meters.

Example: 20e-3

Version History

Introduced in R2020a