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Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI)

Create, send, and receive MIDI messages

Audio Toolbox™ enables you to create, send, and receive MIDI messages. You can interface with MIDI Control Surfaces and MIDI Devices in real time.


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midideviceSend and receive MIDI messages
mididevinfoMIDI device information
midimsgCreate MIDI message
midireceiveReceive MIDI message from MIDI device
midisendSend MIDI message to MIDI device
hasdataDetermine if data is available to read from MIDI device
midiidInteractively identify MIDI control
midicontrolsOpen group of MIDI controls for reading
midireadReturn most recent value of MIDI controls
midisyncSend values to MIDI controls for synchronization
midicallbackCall function handle when MIDI controls change value
getMIDIConnectionsGet MIDI connections of audio object
configureMIDIConfigure MIDI connections between audio object and MIDI controller
disconnectMIDIDisconnect MIDI controls from audio object


MIDI ControlsOutput values from controls on MIDI control surface