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List available audio devices



devices = getAudioDevices(obj) returns a list of audio devices that are available and compatible with your audio I/O object, obj.


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Create an audioDeviceReader object and then call getAudioDevices on your object.

deviceReader = audioDeviceReader;
devices = getAudioDevices(deviceReader)
devices = 1×4 cell
    {'Default'}    {'Primary Sound Capture Driver'}    {'Headset Microphone (Plantronics C325-M)'}    {'HP 4120 Microphone (2- HP 4120)'}

Create an audioDeviceWriter object, and then call getAudioDevices on your object.

deviceWriter = audioDeviceWriter;
devices = getAudioDevices(deviceWriter)
devices = 1×6 cell
    {'Default'}    {'Primary Sound Driver'}    {'Headset Earphone (Plantronics C325-M)'}    {'LEN LT2452pwC (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)'}    {'Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)'}    {'HP 4120 (2- HP 4120)'}

Create an audioPlayerRecorder object, and then call getAudioDevices on your object.

playRec = audioPlayerRecorder;
devices = getAudioDevices(playRec)
devices = 1×2 cell
    {'Default'}    {'ASIO4ALL v2'}

Input Arguments

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Audio I/O object, specified as an audioDeviceReader object, audioDeviceWriter object, or audioPlayerRecorder object.

Data Types: object

Output Arguments

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List of available and compatible devices.

For audioDeviceReader and audioDeviceWriter, the list of audio devices depends on the specified Driver property of your object.

For audioPlayerRecorder, the audio devices listed support full-duplex mode and have a platform-appropriate driver:

  • Windows® –– ASIO™

  • Mac –– CoreAudio

  • Linux® –– ALSA

Data Types: cell

Version History

Introduced in R2016a