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Return static characteristic of dynamic range controller

Since R2022a



outputLevel = staticCharacteristic(dynamicRangeController) returns the static characteristic of the dynamic range control object.


outputLevel = staticCharacteristic(dynamicRangeController,inputRange) enables you to specify the input range.


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Create a limiter System object™. Get the output level of the static characteristic over a specified range.

dynamicRangeLimiter = limiter;
inputLevel = -15:1:-5
inputLevel = 1×11

   -15   -14   -13   -12   -11   -10    -9    -8    -7    -6    -5

outputLevel = staticCharacteristic(dynamicRangeLimiter,inputLevel)
outputLevel = 1×11

   -15   -14   -13   -12   -11   -10   -10   -10   -10   -10   -10

Plot the static characteristic. Modify the title to state that the object is a limiter.

hvsz = visualize(dynamicRangeLimiter,inputLevel);
hvsz.Title = "Limiter Static Characteristic";

Input Arguments

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Dynamic range control object, specified as a compressor, expander, or limiter System object™.

Range over which to calculate the output of the static characteristic, specified as a vector of monotonically increasing values expressed in dB. The default input range is [-50:0.01:0] dB.

Output Arguments

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Output level in dB, returned as a vector the same size as inputRange.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a