Access information contained in MDF-file



mdfObj = mdf(mdfFileName) identifies a measurement data format (MDF) file and returns an MDF-file object, which you can use to access information and data contained in the file. You can specify a full or partial path to the file.


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Create an MDF object for a given file, and view the object display.

mdfObj = mdf('MDFFile.mf4')
MDF with properties:

   File Details
                 Name: 'MDFFile.mf4'
                 Path: 'c:\temp\MDFFile.mf4'
               Author: 'HOK'
           Department: 'Research'
              Project: 'MDF'
              Subject: 'CAN bus'
              Comment: 'This file contains CAN messages'
              Version: '4.10'
             DataSize: 32100
     InitialTimestamp: 2016-02-27 12:09:02

   Creator Details
    ProgramIdentifier: 'mmddff.04'
              Creator: [1×1 struct]

   File Contents
           Attachment: [1×1 struct]
         ChannelNames: {6×1 cell}
         ChannelGroup: [1×6 struct]

Input Arguments

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MDF-file name, specified as a character vector or string, including the necessary full or relative path.

Example: 'MDFFile.mf4'

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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MDF-file, returned as an MDF-file object. The object provides access to the MDF-file information contained in the following properties.

NameName of the MDF-file, including extension
PathFull path to the MDF-file, including file name
AuthorAuthor who originated the MDF-file
DepartmentDepartment that originated the MDF-file
ProjectProject that originated the MDF-file
SubjectSubject matter in the MDF-file
CommentOpen comment field from the MDF-file
VersionMDF standard version of the file
DataSizeTotal size of the data in the MDF-file, in bytes
InitialTimestampTime when file data acquisition began in UTC or local time
ProgramIdentifierOriginating program of the MDF-file
CreatorStructure containing details about creator of the MDF-file, with these fields: VendorName, ToolName, ToolVersion, UserName, and Comment
AttachmentStructure of information about attachments contained within the MDF-file, with these fields: Name, Path, Comment, Type, MIMEType, Size, EmbeddedSize, and MD5CheckSum
ChannelNamesCell array of the channel names in each channel group
ChannelGroupStructure of information about channel groups contained within the MDF-file, with these fields: AcquisitionName, Comment, NumSamples, DataSize, Sorted, and Channel

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Introduced in R2016b