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AUTOSAR Software Components and Compositions

AUTOSAR software components are reusable building blocks of AUTOSAR software. An AUTOSAR software component encapsulates one or more algorithms and communicates with its environment through well-defined ports. For example, a throttle application might include AUTOSAR software components that represent sensors for throttle and acceleration pedal sensors, a throttle position monitor, a controller, and an actuator.

An AUTOSAR software component connects to an AUTOSAR runtime environment for communicating with other software components and software in the Basic Software layer of the AUTOSAR software architecture. You can reuse and relocate software components between ECUs.

In Simulink®, you represent AUTOSAR software components with Simulink model components, such as Model, subsystem, and Simulink Function blocks.

AUTOSAR compositions are AUTOSAR software components that aggregate groups of software components that have related functionality. A composition is a system abstraction that facilitates scalability and helps to manage complexity when designing the logical representation of a software application.

This figure shows a composition for throttle position control.

The composition consists of software components that represent:

  • Two throttle position sensors

  • Throttle position monitor

  • Acceleration pedal position sensor

  • Controller

  • Throttle position actuator

If you are using the AUTOSAR Classic Platform, you can model an AUTOSAR software composition by importing an ARXML description of a composition into Simulink or by using an AUTOSAR architecture model to author a software composition (requires System Composer™).

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