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Evaluate Polyspace Code Prover Results Against Software Quality Objectives

Instead of evaluating all results of a Code Prover analysis, you can first define a set of criteria that the analyzed project must meet and compare the Code Prover results against those criteria. The Software Quality Objectives or SQOs are a set of thresholds against which you can compare your verification results. You can develop a review process based on the Software Quality Objectives. In your review process, you consider only those results that cause your project to fail a certain SQO level.

You can use a predefined SQO levels or define your own. To customize SQO levels, see Customize Software Quality Objectives (Polyspace Access).

Specifications of SQO Levels

Following are the quality thresholds specified by each predefined SQO.

 SQO Level 1

 SQO Level 2

 SQO Level 3

 SQO Level 4

 SQO Level 5

 SQO Level 6


For information on the rationales behind these levels, see Software Quality Objectives for Source Code.

Compare Verification Results Against Software Quality Objectives

You can compare your verification results against SQOs either in the Polyspace® Access web interface or the Polyspace desktop user interface.

  • In the Polyspace Access web interface, you can first determine whether your project fails to attain a certain Quality Objective threshold by looking at the Quality Objectives card on the Project Overview dashboard.

    Quality objectives card showing 28% completion for SQO2 threshold with 5 remaining unaddressed findings.

    The card shows the percentage of results that you have already fixed or justified in order to attain the threshold. Click the number of remaining findings to open those findings in the Results List. For a more detailed view of the quality of your code against all quality objectives thresholds, open the Quality Objectives dashboard. For more information, see the Monitor Code Quality Using Quality Objectives Dashboard in Polyspace Access (Polyspace Access).

    You can also generated reports that show the PASS or FAIL status using the templates SoftwareQualityObjectives_Summary and SoftwareQualityObjectives. See Bug Finder and Code Prover report (-report-template).

  • In the Polyspace user interface, you can use the menu in the Results List toolbar to display only those results that you must fix or justify to attain a certain Software Quality Objective.

    In the menu in the Results List toolbar, instead of 'All results', you can select an option such as 'SQO-4' or 'SQO-5'.

    To activate the SQO options in this menu, select Tools > Preferences. On the Review Scope tab, select Include Quality Objectives Scope.


You cannot use the menu in the user interface to suppress red or gray checks. Therefore, you cannot directly compare your project against predefined SQO levels 1, 2 and 3 in the Polyspace user interface. However, in the Polyspace Access web interface, you can compare your project against all predefined SQO levels.

Customize SQO Levels

To customize SQOs:

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