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Generator polynomial coefficients of Reed-Solomon code


x = rsgenpolycoeffs(...)
[x,t] = rsgenpolycoeffs(...)


x = rsgenpolycoeffs(...) returns the coefficients for the generator polynomial of the Reed-Solomon code. The output is identical to genpoly = rsgenpoly(...); x = genpoly.x.

[x,t] = rsgenpolycoeffs(...) returns t, the error-correction capability of the code.


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This example shows how to generate polynomial coefficients for a (15,11) Reed-Solomon code.

Generate the coefficients using rsgenpolycoeffs.

genpoly = rsgenpolycoeffs(15,11)
genpoly = 1x5 uint32 row vector

    1   13   12    8    7

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Introduced in R2010b

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