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Add header file to array of header files for code replacement table entry



addAdditionalHeaderFile(hEntry,headerFile)adds a specified additional header file to the array of additional header files for a code replacement table entry.

This function adds -I to the compile line in the generated makefile.


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This example shows how to use the addAdditionalHeaderFile function with addAdditionalIncludePath, addAdditionalSourceFile, and addAdditionalSourcePath to specify additional header and source files fully for a code replacement table entry.

% Path to external header and source files
libdir = fullfile('$(MATLAB_ROOT)','..', '..', 'lib');

op_entry = RTW.TflCOperationEntry;
addAdditionalHeaderFile(op_entry, 'all_additions.h');
addAdditionalIncludePath(op_entry, fullfile(libdir, 'include'));

addAdditionalSourceFile(op_entry, 'all_additions.c');
addAdditionalSourcePath(op_entry, fullfile(libdir, 'src'));

Input Arguments

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hEntry is a handle to a code replacement table entry previously returned by instantiating a code replacement table entry class, such as hEntry = RTW.TflCFunctionEntry or hEntry = RTW.TflCOperationEntry.

Example: op_entry

headerFile is a character vector or string scalar that specifies an additional header file.

Example: 'all_additions.h'

Version History

Introduced in R2007b