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Enable C++ support for function entry in code replacement table



enableCPP(hEntry) enables C++ support for a function entry in a code replacement table. This support allows you to specify a C++ namespace for the implementation function defined in the entry (see the setNameSpace function).

When you register a code replacement library containing C++ function entries, you must specify the value {'C++'} for the LanguageConstraint property of the code replacement registry entry. For more information, see Register Code Replacement Library.


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This example shows how to use the enableCPP function to enable C++ support. Then, the example calls the setNameSpace function to set the namespace for the sin implementation function to std.

fcn_entry = RTW.TflCFunctionEntry;
fcn_entry.setTflCFunctionEntryParameters( ...
    'Key',                      'sin', ...
    'Priority',                 100, ...
    'ImplementationName',       'sin', ...
    'ImplementationHeaderFile', 'cmath' );

Input Arguments

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The hEntry is a handle to a code replacement function entry previously returned by hEntry = RTW.TflCFunctionEntry or hEntry = MyCustomFunctionEntry. The MyCustomFunctionEntry is a class derived from RTW.TflCFunctionEntry.

Example: fcn_entry

Version History

Introduced in R2010a