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Wait for request from development computer to start or stop external mode simulation



errorCode = extmodeWaitForHostRequest(timeoutInMicroseconds); waits for a start or stop request from the development computer and times out when the timeout value is reached.

Use this function with other external mode functions to enable communication between Simulink® and the target application during an external mode simulation. Use the function during initialization because the function is a blocking function.


Set Up External Mode Communication

For a pseudo-code example that shows how you can provide external mode communication by using the function with related functions, see External Mode Abstraction Layer.

Input Arguments

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Specifies the timeout value. If the value is set to EXTMODE_WAIT_FOREVER, the function waits indefinitely. If '-w' is not extracted by extmodeParseArgs(), the function has no effect.

Output Arguments

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Error code, returned as an extmodeErrorCode_T enumeration with one of these values:

  • EXTMODE_SUCCESS (0) –– No error detected.

  • EXTMODE_INV_ARG (-1) –– Arguments invalid.

  • EXTMODE_TIMEOUT_ERROR (-100) –– External mode timeout error detected.

Version History

Introduced in R2018a