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Check Configuration

Use the cgv.Config class to check model settings for a SIL or PIL simulation. You can review your model configuration and determine the settings that you must change. By default, cgv.Config changes configuration parameter values to the value that it recommends, but does not save the model. Alternatively, you can:

  • Change configuration parameter values to the values that cgv.Config recommends, and save the model. Specify this approach using the SaveModel property.

  • List the values that cgv.Config recommends for the configuration parameters, but not change the configuration parameters or the model. Specify this approach using the ReportOnly property.


  • Execution in the target environment can require additional modifications to configuration parameter values or the model.

  • Do not use referenced configuration sets in models that you are changing using cgv.Config. If the model uses a referenced configuration set, update the model with a copy of the configuration set. Use the getRefConfigSet method of the Simulink.ConfigSetRef class.

  • If you use cgv.Config on a model that executes a callback function, the callback function can change configuration parameter values each time the model loads. The callback function can revert changes that cgv.Config. For more information, see Customize Model Behavior with Callbacks.

To verify that your model is configured for SIL or PIL:

  1. Construct a cgv.Config object that changes the configuration parameter values without saving the model.

  2. Determine and change the configuration parameter values that the object recommends using the configModel method.

  3. Display a report of the changes that configModel makes.

  4. Review the changes.

  5. To apply the changes to your model, save the model.

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