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Partially Filled Pipe

This example shows the Partially Filled Pipe (IL) block used to model the emptying and filling of a tank in multiple configurations. You can use the live script provided with this example to understand the effect of different configurations.

The block represents an arbitrarily full pipe in an isothermal liquid network. The block requires Port A is higher than Port B. The physical signal input AL indicates the relative liquid level of the block that is connected to port A. When AL <= 0, the block assumes there is no liquid is entering port A.

Basic Model

This model demonstrates the basic function of the partially filled pipe using one Partially Filled Pipe (IL) block.

Simulation Results from Scopes

Y configuration Model

This model demonstrates a more complex configuration which uses 3 Partially Filled Pipe (IL) blocks arranged in a Y configuration.

Simulation Results from Scopes

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