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Read available messages from MQTT topic

Since R2022a



mqttMsg = read(mqttClient) reads all available messages from all subscribed topic in the specified MQTT client. This action flushes the messages so they cannot be read again.

mqttMsg = read(mqttClient,Topic=mqttTopic) reads all available messages from the specified MQTT topic among the topics that mqttClient is subscribed to.


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Read messages from one or more subscribed MQTT topics.

Read all available messages from a specific subscribed topic.

mqttMsg = read(mqttClient,Topic="TopMW01");

Read all available messages from all subscribed topics.

mqttMsg = read(mqttClient)
mqttMsg =

  2×2 timetable

            Time              Topic           Data      
    ____________________    _________    _______________

    14-Dec-2021 16:00:37    "TopMW01"    "Hello World 1"
    14-Dec-2021 16:00:41    "TopMW01"    "Hello World 2"

Programmatically access the first message.

ans = 

    "Hello World 1"

Input Arguments

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MQTT client specified as an icomm.mqtt.Client object, created with the mqttclient function.

Example: mqttClient = mqttclient()

Data Types: object

MQTT topic to read messages from, specified as a string or character vector.

Example: "trubits/mqTop48"

Data Types: string | char

Output Arguments

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Messages read from MQTT topics, returned as a timetable of messages.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a

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