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List tags from PI Data Archive

Since R2022a



tagList = tags(piClient) returns a list of all tags available from the AVEVA® PI Data Archive that the client piCient is connected to. A tag is used by the PI system as an alias or shortcut to represent an asset attribute such as voltage, current, temperature, etc. Some tag names are short, others might be long and descriptive or include a unique ID.

tagList = tags(piClient,Name=tagName) filters the list of available tags to match the name specified by tagName. The wildcard character * is supported for partial string or pattern matching.


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Request a list of all tags from the AVEVA PI Data Archive.

tagList = tags(piClient);

Request a list of all tags from the PI Data Archive containing a matching string.

tagList = tags(piClient,"*pressure*");

Input Arguments

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Client connected to AVEVA PI Data Archive, specified as an icomm.pi.Client object. You create the object with the piclient function.

Example: piClient = piclient(_)

Data Types: object

Tag name to match on, specified as a string or character vector. You can use the wildcard * character to perform partial matching. For example:

"tagName"    matches only the exact name tagName.
"tagName*"   matches tags that start with tagName.
"*tagName*"  matches tags containing tagName anywhere in their name.

Example: "Power*"

Data Types: char | string

Output Arguments

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List of tags from AVEVA PI Data Archive, returned as an N-by-1 table of strings with one tag per row.

Version History

Introduced in R2022a

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