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PI Viewer

Visualize data from PI Data Archive

Since R2022a


The PI Viewer allows you to graphically search and select tags on an AVEVA® PI Data Archive, then plot data from those tags.

PI Viewer

Open the PI Viewer App

To open the PI Viewer app, at the MATLAB® command line type:


where piClient is the PI Data Archive client created with the piclient function.


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Create a piclient object and open the PI Viewer for reading tags from the PI Data Archive.

piClient = piclient("pi-host-55");

Select the tags you want to read from, and click the right-arrow to add them to the right-hand column.

If you want to limit the date range, click the Start Date field and End Date field. A calendar pops up for you to select the start and stop dates.

Select the type of graphs you want to view:

  • Click Time values plot button to plot all data points on a common time axis.

  • Click Scatter plot button to generate a matrix of plots, displaying histograms and scatter plots by data groups, in a manner similar to the gplotmatrix function.

    The PI Viewer display might look something like this:

PI Viewer with group plots

Version History

Introduced in R2022a

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