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Supported Model Plots

The following table summarizes the types of supported model plots.

Plot TypeSupported ModelsLearn More
Model OutputAll linear and nonlinear modelsSimulate and Predict Identified Model Output
Residual AnalysisAll linear and nonlinear modelsWhat Is Residual Analysis?
Transient Response
  • All linear parametric models

  • Correlation analysis (nonparametric) models

  • For nonlinear models, only step response.

Impulse and Step Response Plots
Frequency Response

All linear models

Frequency Response Plots for Model Validation
Noise Spectrum
  • All linear parametric models

  • Spectral analysis (nonparametric) models

Noise Spectrum Plots
Poles and ZerosAll linear parametric modelsPole and Zero Plots
Nonlinear ARXNonlinear ARX models onlyNonlinear ARX Plots
Hammerstein-WienerHammerstein-Wiener models onlyHammerstein-Wiener Plots

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