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Determine whether video input object is running


bool = isrunning(obj)


bool = isrunning(obj) returns true if the video input object obj is running, otherwise false. A video input object is running if the value of its Running property is set to 'on'.

If obj is an array of video input objects, bool is a logical array where each element in bool represents the corresponding element in obj. If an object in obj is running, the isrunning function sets the corresponding element in bool to true, otherwise false. If the video input objects in obj is invalid, isrunning returns an error.


Create a video input object, configure a manual trigger, and then start the object. This puts the object in running state.

vid = videoinput('winvideo');

Use isrunning to check the state of the object.

bool = isrunning(vid)
bool =

Create a second video input object.

vid2 = videoinput('winvideo');

Use isrunning to determine which of the two objects is running.

bool = isrunning([vid vid2])
bool =
     1     0

Version History

Introduced before R2006a