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View hardware metadata configuration status

Since R2024a



    chunkinfo = chunkDataInfo(src) returns a listing of available and enabled fields for video chunk data for the videosource object, src. To enable chunk data reading from the hardware, set src.ChunkModeActive = "True". You use src.ChunkSelector and src.ChunkEnable to configure individual fields of chunk data.


    This function supports only GenICam™ GenTL compliant hardware.


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    Configure a GenICam GenTL camera chunk data, then confirm by viewing the settings.

    vid = videoinput("gentl", 1);
    vid.FramesPerTrigger = 10;
    src = getselectedsource(vid);
    src.ChunkModeActive = "True";
    src.ChunkSelector = "Timestamp";
    src.ChunkEnable = "True";
    src.ChunkSelector = "Width";
    src.ChunkEnable = "True";
    chunkinfo = chunkDataInfo(src)
    chunkinfo =
      12×2 table
             Chunk Data         Enabled
        ____________________    _______
        "FrameID"               "False"
        "LineStatusAll"         "False"
        "Timestamp"             "True" 
        "SequencerSetActive"    "False"
        "ExposureTime"          "False"
        "BalanceRatioBlue"      "False"
        "BalanceRatioRed"       "False"
        "Gain"                  "False"
        "Height"                "False"
        "Width"                 "True" 
        "OffsetX"               "False"
        "OffsetY"               "False"

    Input Arguments

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    Video source, specified as a videosource object. You create this object with the getselectedsource function.

    Data Types: object

    Output Arguments

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    Chunk data configuration status, returned as a 2-column table. The columns indicate the available chunk data elements, and whether reading of each is enabled.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a