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Instrument Driver Editing and Testing

Create and modify instrument drivers; test and verify instrument driver functionality

Generic drivers allow the Instrument Control Toolbox™ to communicate with devices or software that do not use industry-standard drivers or protocols. You create a generic driver using the Instrument Driver Editor. See Creating MATLAB Instrument Drivers for information about using the Instrument Driver Editor.

After you create a driver, you can test it using the Instrument Driver Testing Tool. The tool provides a graphical environment for creating a test to verify the functionality of a MATLAB® instrument driver. You can verify property and function behavior and export the test results in a variety of formats. See Instrument Driver Testing Tool Overview.


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instrhwinfoInformation about available hardware
connectConnect device object to instrument
invokeExecute driver-specific function on device object
selftestRun instrument self-test
dispDisplay instrument object summary information
getInstrument object properties
setConfigure or display instrument object properties
inspectOpen Property Inspector
methodsClass method names and descriptions
saveSave instrument objects and variables to MAT-file
propinfoInstrument object property information
disconnectDisconnect device object from instrument
deleteRemove instrument objects from memory
clearRemove instrument objects from MATLAB workspace


  • Creating MATLAB Instrument Drivers

    How to create, modify, save, and verify instrument drivers using the MATLAB Instrument Driver Editor.

  • Properties

    Defining instrument functionality as properties of the device object to ease communications with your instrument.

  • Functions

    Defining instrument functionality as functions of the device object to ease communications with your instrument.

  • Groups

    Combining common capabilities of the device object.

  • Using Existing Drivers

    Adapting existing drivers for your instrument.

  • Setting Up Your Test

    Providing global information for your test, including name, description, driver, interface, and preferences.

  • Defining Test Steps

    Creating steps to test setting property values, getting property values, and driver functions.

  • Saving Your Test

    Saving your test for future midtest sessions, or as code, or as a driver function.

  • Testing and Results

    Running a complete or partial test; exporting or saving test results.

  • MATLAB Instrument Driver Editor Overview

    An explanation of MATLAB instrument drivers, their features, capabilities, and usage.

  • Instrument Driver Testing Tool Overview

    An explanation of the MATLAB Instrument Driver Testing Tool, its capabilities, and usage.