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Information about available hardware


out = instrhwinfo returns hardware information to the structure out. This information includes the toolbox version, the MATLAB® software version, and supported interfaces and drivers.

out = instrhwinfo("spi") returns information related to the SPI interface.

out = instrhwinfo("matlab") returns information related to the MATLAB instrument drivers found on the MATLAB software path.

out = instrhwinfo("matlab",drivername) returns information related to the specified MATLAB instrument driver drivername. The available drivername values are returned by out = instrhwinfo("matlab").

out = instrhwinfo(obj) returns information on the adaptor and vendor-supplied DLL associated with the VISA or GPIB object obj. If obj is a serial port, TCPIP, or UDP object, then JAR file information is returned. If obj is an array of instrument objects, then out is a 1-by-n cell array of structures where n is the length of obj.

out = instrhwinfo(obj,"FieldName") returns hardware information for the field name specified by FieldName. FieldName can be a single character vector or a cell array of character vectors. out is an m-by-n cell array where m is the length of obj and n is the length of FieldName. You can return the supported values for FieldName using the instrhwinfo(obj) syntax.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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