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(To be removed) Convert driver to MATLAB instrument driver format

This function will be removed in a future release. Use the Instrument Control Toolbox™ Support Package for IVI® and VXIplug&play Drivers instead. For more information on updating your code, see Compatibility Considerations.


makemid('driver', 'filename')
makemid('driver', 'type')
makemid('driver', 'filename', 'type')



Name of driver being converted.


Name of file that the converted driver is saved to. You may specify a full pathname. If an extension is not specified, the .mdd extension is used.


The type of driver the function looks for. By default, the function searches among all types.


makemid('driver') searches through known driver types for driver and creates a MATLAB® instrument driver representation of the driver. Known driver types include VXIplug&play and IVI-C. For driver you can use a Module (for IVI-C), a LogicalName (for IVI-C), or the original VXIplug&play instrument driver name. The MATLAB instrument driver will be saved in the current working directory as driver.mdd

The MATLAB instrument driver can then be modified using midedit to customize the driver behavior, and may be used to instantiate a device object using icdevice.

makemid('driver', 'filename') creates and saves the MATLAB instrument driver using the name and path specified by filename.

makemid('driver', 'type') and makemid('driver', 'filename', 'type') override the default search order and look only for drivers whose type is type. Valid types are vxiplug&play and ivi-c.

The function searches for the specified driver root interface. For example, if the driver supports the IIviScope interface, an interface value of IIviScope results in a device object that only contains the IVIScope class-compliant properties and methods.


MAKEMID is unable to open MDDs with non-ascii characters either in their name or path on Mac platforms.


To convert the driver hp34401 into the MATLAB instrument driver hp34401.mdd in the current working directory,


To convert the driver tktds5k into the MATLAB instrument driver with a specific name and location,

makemid('tktds5k', 'C:\MyDrivers\tektronix_5k.mdd');

To convert the IVI-C driver tktds5k into the MATLAB instrument driver tktds5k.mdd in the current working directory. This example causes the function to look for the driver only among the IVI-C drivers.

makemid('tktds5k', 'ivi-c');

To create the MATLAB instrument driver MyIviLogicalName.mdd from the IVI logical name MyIviLogicalName,


Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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R2022b: Warns

This function returns a warning that it will be removed in a future release.

For existing MATLAB instrument drivers created with makemid or midedit, the icdevice function still works. For IVI and VXIplug&play drivers, use ividev with one of the supported drivers in the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for IVI and VXIplug&play Drivers.

The midedit and midtest functions launch apps to edit and test MATLAB instrument drivers. For existing instrument driver files, you can use a text editor to make edits, if necessary. These apps are not needed for the ividev interface.

For more information about the Instrument Control Toolbox Support Package for IVI and VXIplug&play Drivers, see IVI and VXIplug&play Drivers.

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