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Clear buffers for communication using TCP/IP server

Since R2021a



    flush(t) flushes all data from both the input and output buffers of the client connected to the TCP/IP server t.

    flush(t,"input") flushes only the input buffer.

    flush(t,"output") flushes only the output buffer.


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    Create a TCP/IP server on port 4000.

    server = tcpserver(4000)
    server = 
      TCPServer with properties:
            ServerAddress: "::"
               ServerPort: 4000
                Connected: 0
            ClientAddress: ""
               ClientPort: []
        NumBytesAvailable: 0
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    Create a TCP/IP client to connect to your server object using tcpclient. You must specify the same port number you use to create server.

    client = tcpclient("localhost",4000);

    Write some data to the client and view the number of bytes available to be read in the server input buffer.

    ans = 5

    Flush both the input and output buffers of the server.


    View the number of bytes available to be read.

    ans = 0

    The input buffer has no data.

    Input Arguments

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    TCP/IP server, specified as a tcpserver object.

    Example: flush(t) flushes data from the TCP/IP server t.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021a

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