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Add Files to Your MATLAB Drive

You can add files to your MATLAB® Drive™ as you would add files to any other folder. In addition, you can upload images and videos from mobile devices with the Share button through the device OS or any mobile application that supports uploading images and videos.

When using MathWorks® products:

  • You can add files created or updated while you are working in MATLAB by setting the Current Folder browser to your MATLAB Drive.

  • You can add files created or updated while you are working in MATLAB Online™ or MATLAB Mobile™ to your MATLAB Drive.

If you have MATLAB Connector installed, files on your local MATLAB Drive and MATLAB Drive online are automatically synced when the Connector is running. The Connector displays the files that have been synced under Activity. Updates of files greater than 250 MB can take longer to update.

If you do not have MATLAB Connector installed, you can add folders and files to your MATLAB Drive using MATLAB Drive online with the Upload button (select Files or Folder) or by dragging and dropping folders and files from the operating system file browser. For either method, empty folders are not uploaded.


  • File sync requires an internet connection.

  • Using source control tools with your local MATLAB Drive folder is not recommended and can cause unexpected behavior.

Sync Exclusions

Some small system files, temporary files, and folders created by applications are excluded from syncing. This exclusion includes the following files:

  • desktop.ini

  • thumbs.db

  • .DS_Store

  • Icon\r

Also excluded from syncing are items named in any of the following ways:

  • File name begins with ~$ (a tilde and a dollar sign), .~ (a dot and a tilde), or ._ (a dot and an underscore)

  • File names that end with ~ (a tilde)

  • File names starting with ~ (a tilde) and ending with the extension .tmp.

  • Files with the extension .asv, .autosave, or .mlx.bak

  • Folders called slproj

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