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Restore Deleted Files in MATLAB Drive Online

The Deleted Files folder on MATLAB® Drive™ online holds content that you have deleted from MATLAB Drive.

Deleted files folder showing the name, original location, size, and deletion date of two files.

To restore content, select the file or folder in Deleted Files, and click Restore.

You can restore content in the Deleted Files folder under the following conditions:

  • The file or folder to restore has been in the Deleted Files folder for less than 30 days. (After 30 days or if your Deleted Files has gone over storage quota, content is permanently deleted.)

  • You did not permanently delete the content from the Deleted Files folder.

  • You have the available storage space in your MATLAB Drive for the restored content.

  • You restore an exact item that you deleted. For example, if you deleted an entire folder, you cannot restore only a single file from that folder — you must restore the entire folder.

Items restored from the Deleted Files folder are returned to their original folder locations.

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