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Server Management Using the Dashboard

Manage the server using the dashboard tool

You can interactively create, start, stop, and configure MATLAB® Production Server™ instances using a dashboard interface. In order to start using the dashboard consider the following:

  • The dashboard needs to be set up before you can start using it. For more information, see Set Up and Log In to MATLAB Production Server Dashboard.

  • Only Windows® and Linux® platforms are currently supported. Mac OS is not supported.

  • Server instances created using the dashboard interface can only be managed though the dashboard and not at the command-line. Similarly, server instances created at the command-line can only be managed at the command-line and not through the dashboard.


For documentation on how to create, manage, and troubleshoot server instances using the dashboard, check the Help section within the dashboard interface.


Set Up and Log In to MATLAB Production Server Dashboard

Instructions to set up and log in to the MATLAB Production Server dashboard

Remove MATLAB Production Server Dashboard

Instructions to remove MATLAB Production Server Dashboard