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Server Management Using Dashboard

Manage server using dashboard tool

You can interactively create, start, stop, and configure on-premises MATLAB® Production Server™ instances using a dashboard interface. Before you use the dashboard, consider the following:


For documentation on how to create, manage, and troubleshoot server instances using the dashboard, check the Help section within the dashboard interface.


  • Server instances that you create using the dashboard interface must be managed though the dashboard and not at the command line.

  • Server instances that you create at the command line must be managed at the command line and not through the dashboard.

  • Server instances that you create in the cloud must be managed using the cloud dashboard.

For information on managing server instances in the cloud, select your offering in the Cloud Deployment documentation, then see the documentation to manage MATLAB Production Server.


Server Configuration PropertiesConfigure MATLAB Production Server instance using configuration file or dashboard


Set Up Dashboard

Use Dashboard

Remove Dashboard