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Specify Mesh Parameters in the PDE Modeler App

Select Parameters from the Mesh menu to open the following dialog box containing mesh generation parameters.

Dialog box for specifying the mesh parameters

The parameters used by the mesh initialization algorithm are:

  • Maximum edge size: Largest triangle edge length (approximately). This parameter is optional and must be a real positive number.

  • Mesh growth rate: The rate at which the mesh size increases away from small parts of the geometry. The value must be between 1 and 2. The default value is 1.3, i.e., the mesh size increases by 30%.

  • Mesher version: Choose the geometry triangulation algorithm. R2013a is faster, and can mesh more geometries. preR2013a gives the same mesh as previous toolbox versions.

  • Jiggle mesh: Toggles automatic jiggling of the initial mesh on/off.

The parameters used by the mesh jiggling algorithm are:

  • Jiggle mode: Select a jiggle mode from a pop-up menu. Available modes are on, optimize minimum, and optimize mean. on jiggles the mesh once. Using the jiggle mode optimize minimum, the jiggling process is repeated until the minimum triangle quality stops increasing or until the iteration limit is reached. The same applies for the optimize mean option, but it tries to increase the mean triangle quality.

  • Number of jiggle iterations: Iteration limit for the optimize minimum and optimize mean modes. Default: 20.

For the mesh refinement algorithm refinemesh, the Refinement method can be regular or longest. The default refinement method is regular, which results in a uniform mesh. The refinement method longest always refines the longest edge on each triangle.

To initialize a triangular mesh, select Initialize Mesh from the Mesh menu or click the triangle button. To refine a mesh, select Refine Mesh from the Mesh menu or click the triangle divided into smaller triangles button.