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Prevent MATLAB Figure Display During Report Generation

This example shows how to prevent the display of MATLAB® figures in MATLAB during report generation. If you generate a report that includes several MATLAB figures, you can avoid the overhead of displaying the figures as you create them.

The example creates and includes these MATLAB figures in a report. When the figures are created in MATLAB, the display of the figures is suppressed.

Import the Report API namespace so that you do not have to use long, fully-qualified class names.


Create a Word report. You can run this example with other report types by changing the output type.

  • To create a single-file HTML report, change the output type to 'html-file'.

  • To create a multi-file HTML report, change the output type to 'html'.

  • To create a PDF report, change the output type to 'pdf'.

rpt = Report('InvisibleFigure','docx');

Add a title page and table of contents to the report.

add(rpt,TitlePage('Title','Display Invisible Figures','Author','John Doe'));

Create a chapter and add a figure to it. To prevent the display of the figure in MATLAB, set the Visible property of the figure to 'off'.

ch = Chapter('Invisible Figure 1');
x = -pi:pi/10:pi;
y = tan(sin(x)) - sin(tan(x));
f1 = figure('visible','off');

Create a second chapter and add an invisible figure to it.

ch = Chapter('Invisible Figure 2');
f2 = figure('visible','off');

Close and view the report.


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