Report Creation

Create HTML, PDF, Microsoft® Word, and PowerPoint® reports

You can create reports for Simulink® models using any of these approaches:

  • Generate a report about your model using predefined reports that you can access from the Simulink Toolstrip. You can use these reports as the basis for customization.

  • Create a MATLAB® program that generates richly formatted reports by using the Report API and Document Object Model (DOM) API. See Report Generator Creation (MATLAB Report Generator).

  • Create a report generation program interactively by using Report Explorer. You can use Report Explorer to generate reports that have simple formatting, similar to the style of a software manual. For reports with more complex formatting, use the Report API and Document Object Model (DOM) API. Learn about Report Explorer in the MATLAB Report Generator™ documentation. See Create Report Programs Interactively to learn about the Report Explorer components that are specific to Simulink and associated software.