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Create Stateflow object properties reporter template


template =,type)


template =,type) creates a copy of the default Stateflow® object properties template specified by type at the location specified by templatePath. Use the copied template as a starting point to design a custom Stateflow object properties template for your report.

Input Arguments

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Path and file name of the new template, specified as a character vector or string scalar.

Type of template, specified as "html", "html-file", "docx", or "pdf".

Output Arguments

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Path and file name of the template copy, returned as a string scalar. The specified template type determines the file name extension of the template. For example, if the type argument is 'pdf', the file name extension is .pdftx.


Create a Report Template

Create a copy of the HTML template for the reporter and save it with the name myStateflowObjectPropertiesTemplate in the mytemplates folder.

template =

Version History

Introduced in R2017b