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Class: slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument
Namespace: slreportgen.webview

Get names of diagram paths and handles to export



[paths,handles] = getExportDiagrams(wvdoc) returns an array of diagram paths and handles to export.


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Get the paths and handles for a Web view of the f14 Simulink® model and subsystems.

wvdoc = slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument('myWebview','f14');
[paths,handles] = getExportDiagrams(wvdoc)
paths =

  5×1 cell array

    'f14/Aircraft Dynamics Model'
    'f14/Dryden Wind Gust Models'
    'f14/Nz pilot calculation'

handles =

  5×1 cell array

    [ 2.0001]
    [ 7.0001]

Input Arguments

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Web view document, specified as an slreportgen.webview.WebViewDocument object.

Output Arguments

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Diagram paths in the model, including the model name and its subsystem names, returned as a cell array of character vectors.

Diagram handles that correspond to the diagram paths. returned as an array of character vectors.

More About

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Version History

Introduced in R2017a