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Verify Models

Verify SimBiology models and underlying mathematical expressions

Examine the model structure, validity of mathematical expressions, and consistency of units and dimensions using model verification tools. View the underlying model equations and check the initial conditions in the apps or at the command line.


SimBiology Model BuilderBuild QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models interactively (Since R2020b)
SimBiology Model AnalyzerAnalyze QSP, PK/PD, and mechanistic systems biology models (Since R2019b)


verifyValidate and verify SimBiology model
getequationsReturn system of equations for model object
sbiolastwarningSimBiology last warning message
sbiolasterrorSimBiology last error message
findUnusedComponentsFind unused species, parameters, and compartments in a model
findUsagesFind out how a species, parameter, or compartment is used in a model
getadjacencymatrix (model)Get adjacency matrix from model object
getstoichmatrix (model)Get stoichiometry matrix from model object
updateInitialAssignmentsUpdate initial assignment rules to remove order dependencies