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removedose (model)

Remove dose object from model


doseObj2 = removedose(modelObj, 'DoseName')
doseObj2 = removedose(modelObj, doseObj)


modelObjModel object from which you remove a dose object.
DoseNameName of the dose object to remove from a model object. DoseName is the value of the dose object property Name.
doseObjDose object to remove from a model object.


doseObj2ScheduleDose or RepeatDose object.


doseObj2 = removedose(modelObj, 'DoseName') removes a SimBiology® ScheduleDose or RepeatDose object with the name DoseName from a model object (modelObj). returns the dose object (doseObj), and assigns [] to the dose object property Parent.

You can add a removed dose object back to a model object using the method adddose.

doseObj2 = removedose(modelObj, doseObj) removes a SimBiology ScheduleDose or RepeatDose object doseObj.


Remove a dose object from a model object.

  1. Create model and dose objects, and then add dose to model.

    modelObj = sbiomodel('mymodel');
    dose1Obj = adddose(modelObj, 'dose1');
  2. Remove dose object from model object.

    removedose(mymodel, 'dose1');

Get all dose objects from a model object, and then remove the second dose object.

AllDoseObjects = getdose(mymodel);
removedose(mymodel, AllDoseObjects(2));

See Also

Model methods:

  • adddose — add a dose object to a model object

  • getdose — get dose information from a model object

  • removedose — remove a dose object from a model object

Dose object constructor sbiodose.

SimBiology.ScheduleDose and SimBiology.RepeatDose methods:

  • copyobj — copy a dose object from one model object to another model object

  • get — view properties for a dose object

  • set — define or modify properties for a dose object

Version History

Introduced in R2010a