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Get current VariableTable object for block

Since R2024a



    VariableTable = simscape.instrumentation.getVariableTable(blockName) returns the current variable table, VariableTable, associated with the block, blockName. The VariableTable object data includes each variable name, the variable alias, the units, and whether logging is enabled.


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    This example shows how to get the simscape.instrumentation.VariableTable object for the Ideal Torque Source block in the Permanent Magnet DC Motor example model.

    To open the model, enter:


    Store the default variable table for the Load Torque block.

    table = simscape.instrumentation.defaultVariableTable('PermanentMagnetDCMotor/Load Torque');

    Update the configuration of the default variable table and apply the table to the Load Torque block.

    table("t").Name = "var";
    table("t").Logging = on;
    table("C.w").Unit = simscape.Unit("deg/s");
    simscape.instrumentation.setVariableTable('PermanentMagnetDCMotor/Load Torque', table)

    To get the variable table for the Load Torque block, enter:

    VariableTable_Load_Torque = simscape.instrumentation.getVariableTable('PermanentMagnetDCMotor/Load Torque')
    VariableTable_Load_Torque = 
    VariableTable (string ⟼ VariableConfiguration) with 5 variable(s):
                   Name       Unit     Logging
                 _________    _____    _______
        C.w ⟼    <missing>    deg/s     false 
        R.w ⟼    <missing>    rad/s     false 
        S   ⟼    <missing>    N*m       false 
        t   ⟼    var          N*m       true 
        w   ⟼    <missing>    rad/s     false 

    Input Arguments

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    Simscape block name, specified as a string scalar, character vector, or a handle.

    Data Types: double | char | string

    Output Arguments

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    Block variable table, specified as a simscape.instrumentation.VariableTable object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a