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Math and Data Types Pane

The Math and Data Types pane includes parameters for specifying data types and net slope calculations.

Simulation behavior for denormal numbers

Specify the desired behavior for denormal results from arithmetic operations. Requires a Fixed-Point Designer™ license.

Use algorithms optimized for row-major array layout

Enable algorithms for row-major format code generation and corresponding row-major algorithms for simulation.

Default for underspecified data type

Specify the default data type to use for inherited data types if Simulink® software could not infer the data type of a signal during data type propagation.

Use division for fixed-point net slope computation

The Fixed-Point Designer software performs net slope computation using division to handle net slopes when simplicity and accuracy conditions are met.

Gain parameters inherit a built-in integer type that is lossless

The data type of the gain parameter is a built-in integer when certain conditions are met.

Use floating-point multiplication to handle net slope corrections

The Fixed-Point Designer software uses floating-point multiplication to perform net slope correction for floating-point to fixed-point casts.

Inherit floating-point output type smaller than single precision

Specify the desired inherited output data type behavior when block inputs are floating-point data types smaller than single precision.

These configuration parameters are in the Advanced parameters section.


Application lifespan (days)

Specifies how long (in days) an application that contains blocks depending on elapsed or absolute time should be able to execute before timer overflow.

Clock resolution (seconds, -1 for inherited)

Specifies the clock resolution that the code generator applies in generated code for functions in a model that include blocks that request absolute or elapsed time.

Implement logic signals as Boolean data (vs. double)

Controls the output data type of blocks that generate logic signals.