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Simulink 环境自定义


了解如何在 Simulink® 环境中自定义菜单、对话框和预设项。


LibraryBrowser.LibraryBrowser2Display, hide, size, and position Simulink Library Browser
slblocksearchdb.untrainmodelRemove the effect of a model from the suggestion engine
slblocksearchdb.trainfrommodelTrain suggestion engine to improve quick insert results based on one model
slblocksearchdb.trainfrommodelsindirTrain suggestion engine to improve quick insert results based on models in a folder
slblocksearchdb.untrainmodelsindirRemove the effects of models from the suggestion engine
slblocksearchdb.untrainallRemove the effects of all added models from the suggestion engine
hdllib显示与 HDL 代码生成兼容的模块


Access Frequently Used Features and Commands in Simulink

Customize the quick access toolbar and favorite commands.

Disable Simulink Toolstrip and Context Menu Actions

Change the state of default items in the Simulink Toolstrip and context menu.


将您自己的命令添加到 Simulink 和 Stateflow® 菜单。

Disable and Hide Dialog Box Controls

Disable or hide buttons, text fields, and other controls on Simulink dialog boxes.

Customize Library Browser Appearance

Reorder, disable, or hide libraries using these techniques. You can also specify whether a library appears expanded or collapsed by default in the Library Browser.

设置 Simulink Preferences

您可以使用 Simulink Preferences 指定 Simulink 编辑环境选项和默认行为。您的设置将影响所有 Simulink 模型的行为,包括当前打开的模型以及所有后续模型。您的预设项设置将保留,以供您下次使用本软件时使用。Simulink Preferences 窗口包含以下窗格:

Improve Quick Block Insert Results

Update the database that determines what appears on the quick insert menu based on your model designs.


向 Simulink 注册您的用户界面自定义项。