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matlab.system.display.Section class

Package: matlab.system.display

Property group section for System objects




matlab.system.display.Section(N1,V1,...Nn,Vn) creates a property group section for displaying System object™ properties, which you define using property Name-Value pairs (N,V). You use matlab.system.display.Section to define property groups using the getPropertyGroupsImpl method. The available Section properties are:

  • Title — Section title. The default value is an empty character vector.

  • TitleSource — Source of section title. Valid values are 'Property' and 'Auto'. The default value is 'Property', which uses the character vector from the Title property. If the Obj name is given, the default value is Auto, which uses the Obj name.

  • Description — Section description. The default value is an empty character vector.

  • PropertyList — Section property list as a cell array of property names. The default value is an empty array. If the Obj name is given, the default value is all eligible display properties.

  • Type — Container type. For example, tab, group, panel, and collapsible panel.

  • Row— Specify the row in which the containers need to be placed (current/new). You can specify the row using the enum class matlab.system.display.internal.Row.

  • AlignPrompts— Specify a boolean value to control align prompts within the containers.


Certain properties are not eligible for display either in a dialog box or in the System object summary on the command-line. Property types that cannot be displayed are: hidden, abstract, private or protected access, discrete state, and continuous state. Dependent properties do not display in a dialog box, but do display in the command-line summary.

matlab.system.display.Section(Obj,...) creates a property group section for the specified System object (Obj) and sets the following property values:

  • TitleSource — Set to 'Auto', which uses the Obj name.

  • PropertyList — Set to all publicly-available properties in the Obj.

You can use mfilename('class') from within this method to get the name of the System object. If you set any Name-Value pairs, those property values override the default settings.


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Define two property groups in your class definition file by specifying their titles and property lists.

 classdef MultipleGroupsWithSection < matlab.System
    % MultipleGroupsWithTabs Customize block dialog with multiple tabs and parameter groups.
    % Public, tunable properties
        %StartValue Start Value
        StartValue = 0
        %EndValue End Value
        EndValue = 10
        Threshold = 1
    % Public Nontunable 
        %UseThreshold Use threshold
        UseThreshold (1,1) logical = true
    methods (Static, Access = protected)
        function groups = getPropertyGroupsImpl
            valueGroup = matlab.system.display.Section(...
                'Title','Value parameters',...

           thresholdGroup = matlab.system.display.Section(...
                'Title','Threshold parameters',...
           groups = [valueGroup,thresholdGroup];

When you specify the System object in the MATLAB System block, the resulting dialog box appears as follows.