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Check safety-related optimization settings for division arithmetic exceptions

Check ID: mathworks.hism.hisl_0054

Check model configuration for optimization settings that can impact safety.


This check verifies that model optimization configuration parameters are set optimally for generating code for a safety-related application. Although highly optimized code is desirable for most real-time systems, some optimizations can have undesirable side effects that impact safety.

Available with Simulink® Check™.

Results and Recommended Actions

ConditionRecommended Action
The optimization that suppresses generation of code that guards against division by zero for fixed-point data is selected. You must avoid division-by-zero exceptions in safety-related code.If you have an Embedded Coder® license and are using an ERT-based system target file, clear Configuration Parameter Remove code that protects against division arithmetic exceptions (Embedded Coder) or set the parameter NoFixptDivByZeroProtection to off.

Action Results

Clicking Modify Settings configures model optimization settings that can impact safety.

Subchecks depend on the results of the subchecks noted with D in the results table in the Model Advisor window.

Capabilities and Limitations

  • Does not run on library models.

  • Does not allow exclusions of blocks or charts.

  • Does not highlight parameter names in report without Embedded Coder.

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