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Model Transformer

Enable model transformation by identifying and refactoring the modelling patterns to optimize the models

Since R2019b


The Model Transformer is a tool to refactor a model to implement variants, eliminate eligible data store blocks, and improve the simulation and code efficiency of table lookup operations. You can perform the steps in the Model Transformer all at once or one step at a time.

You can use the Model Transformer app to replace:

  • Qualifying modeling patterns with variant blocks.

  • Data store blocks with blocks that make data dependency explicit.

  • Lookup Table blocks with Interpolation using Prelookup blocks.

  • Modeling patterns with multiple Interpolation using Prelookup blocks into a single Interpolation using Prelookup block.

The Model Transformer tool provides the following checks:

  • Transform model to variant system

  • Eliminate data store blocks

  • Transform table lookup into prelookup and interpolation

  • Common source interpolation transform

If you want to perform all the transformations, for each step, specify the input parameters. Then, click the Run Selected Checks button. After you run each check, create new models with the transformations by clicking the Refactor Model buttons.

If you want to perform one transformation at a time, you can individually select the checks.

Model Transformer app

Open the Model Transformer App

In the Apps gallery, click Model Transformer.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b