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Identify eligible Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks to transform

Since R2021b


transformResults = Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.identifyCandidates(model) returns the Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks that the Model Transformer can transform in the specified model.

transformResults = Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.identifyCandidates(model,skipLibraryBlocks) additionally specifies whether to ignore library blocks.


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This example shows how to search a model for eligible Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks and store the results. Save the model ex_interpolation_optimize in your current working folder.

transformResults = Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.identifyCandidates('ex_interpolation_optimize')
transformResults =

  Results with properties:

    Candidates: [1×1 struct]

transformResults.Candidates = 

  struct with fields:

        InterpolationPorts: [4×1 struct]
               SwitchPorts: [4×1 struct]

Input Arguments

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Model name, specified as a character vector.

Option to skip library blocks for transformation, specified as a numeric or logical 1 (true) or 0 (false).

Output Arguments

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Identified redundant Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks, returned as a Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.Results object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b