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Simulink Desktop Real-Time Pane


Code replacement library

Specify a target-specific floating-point math library extension

Shared code placement

Specify the location for generating shared utility code

Generate assembly listings

Instruct the C compiler to generate assembly listings for the generated code.

Rebuild all

Force the object files to be rebuilt regardless of their timestamps.

External mode

Enable client/server communication between Simulink® software and an application.

Transport layer

Specify the transport protocol for external mode communication.

MEX-file arguments

Specify external mode MEX arguments.

Control the code created by Simulink Coder™ code generation software for a Simulink Desktop Real-Time™ application.


The Simulink Desktop Real-Time node in the Configuration Parameters dialog box allows you to specify how the software generates the real-time application. To reveal the Simulink Desktop Real-Time node, in the Code Generation pane, in the System target file list, select one of these settings:

  • sldrt.tlc

    Generate system target code for Simulink Desktop Real-Time.

  • sldrtert.tlc

    Generate system target code for a Simulink Desktop Real-Time using the required Embedded Coder® software.


If you open a model that was originally saved with System target file set to rtwin.tlc, the software updates the setting to sldrt.tlc, and likewise with rtwinert.tlc and sldrtert.tlc. To retain the updated setting, save the updated model.

To get help on an option

  1. Right-click the option text label.

  2. From the context menu, select What's This.

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