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在符合 ASAM® XIL 标准的第三方测试平台上运行测试

ASAM XIL 标准定义了测试自动化工具和测试平台之间的通信。您需要安装并使用 Simulink® Test™ Support Package for ASAM XIL Standard,才能使用 Simulink Test 控制符合 ASAM XIL 标准的测试平台。

sltest.xil.framework.FrameworkInitialize test bench, start and stop simulation, and display test bench, variable, and task (自 R2022a 起)
sltest.xil.framework.FrameworkConfigurationConfigure test bench ports and variable mapping (自 R2022a 起)
sltest.xil.framework.TestVariableRead and write variable mapped to test bench (自 R2022a 起)
sltest.xil.framework.StimulationControl external input to test bench (自 R2022a 起)
sltest.xil.framework.AcquisitionControl signal data logging on test bench and retrieve logged data (自 R2022a 起)